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History of the parish

Over the centuries, Kingstone has been known variously as Kingston, Kinston, Kingeston and Kinson. It does not warrant a mention in the Domesday Book but appears in the Pipe Roles of 1166 and therefore one can assume that the estate came into being between 1066 and 1166.  Gratwich or “Crotewiche” does appear in the Domesday Book with a population of 4 villagers, 4 smallholders & 1 slave! During the next 300 years the history is solely associated with the transfer of land titles between various well to do families, with the ordinary villagers being agricultural tenants to the wealthy land owners. After 1530 some detail is available of life in the village but it continued as a rural farming community much as the basis to the Parish is now.  Staffordshire Pasttrack has entries for both Kingstone and Gratwich.